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问: 为什么大多数年轻人参加MMA?

学员MMA军团是由从年轻人 不同的文化,经济,社会和学术背景. Some young men come to MMA with aspirations to one day attend a prestigious university or service academy. Others come because they especially enjoy a 现在有什么网赚502 Bad Gateway

问: 如何将参加军校是我的儿子有什么不同?

People do not know what they are capable of doing until they are stretched — mentally, physically and academically. At MMA, we believe each young man's reach should exceed his grasp.


正如在生活的所有其他领域,有 这必须强制执行的规则, people to respect, responsibilities to be met and tests to be taken. Each cadet is held accountable for his actions and choices.

问: 有什么特别的方案可供学员?

我们的一些独特的课程包括: i和ii航空航天 — a two-year program that allows cadets to earn a private pilot's license, as well as marine science which teaches cadets about sailing, the sea, and navigation by the stars, as well as the scientific and historic principles of the nautical world.

问: 如何严格是MMA?

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问: 什么是学生与教师的比例是多少?


问: 是什么样的一个典型的一天?


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问: 如果我的儿子出席夏令营MMA,我仍会被认为是plebe当我开始上课MMA?

一名学生已经成功地完成了 四个星期的夏令营 不会被要求接受的 为期四周的入门培训乌合之众.

问: 毕业后会发生什么学生?

我们的毕业生几乎100%获得认可到中学后教育机构 — with 80% attending four-year colleges and universities and 20% attending two-year colleges — even if they have plans to serve in one of the branches of the United States military.

问: 我做的学员有拍到了司机的教育?

Driver’s education classes are offered during the spring semester. Any questions regarding eligibility, availability and/or costs should be directed to the academic department at 956.421.9212.  For additional driver's education information see the 贝纳维德斯驾驶学校宣传册.

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